Hi Hungry, I’m Dad-Jokes.com!

Stand Up Comedy for Dad Jokes

Dad-Jokes.com has been a long time coming. Devised more than a decade ago as a repository and celebration of the most cringeworthy, eye-roll inducing jokes around, this is the place to be for your daily hit of dad-inspired humor. After a long journey, the site is now live and ready to bring a little bit of joy to the world.

You’re invited to use these jokes to crack up your assembly, team meeting, family gathering, friendly get-together or your social media following, and to contribute to this collection over time to help it become the definitive source for dad jokes.

Whether you’re looking for basic, written one-liners, shareable images and memes, or videos in which TikTok or YouTube personalities perform dad jokes in an attempt to elicit a response, we have what you need. Check it out, and enjoy!

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