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Dad Jokes at Work

Working on a Laugh: Dad Jokes for the Office Crowd

Ah, work: the place where coffee is the real boss and the printer is the office's most mysterious enigma. Whether you're a 9-to-5 warrior, a night owl freelancer, or a "what day is it again?" remote worker, one thing's for sure – a good laugh can make any job better.

Family-Friendly Dad Jokes

Fun in the Family: Dad Jokes to Keep the Home Laughing

Welcome to the family fun zone, where the laughs are free, and the groans are plenty! In the world of family life, where socks disappear in the laundry and the car is always out of gas, there's nothing like a good dad joke to keep spirits high.

Stand Up Comedy for Dad Jokes

Hi Hungry, I’m! has been a long time coming. Devised more than a decade ago as a repository and celebration of the most cringeworthy, eye-roll inducing jokes around, this is the place to be for your daily hit of dad-inspired humor.